Your Fashion Concierge

Word on the Street


Closet Anxiety

"I was so nervous to let anyone see my closet, but Kirsten from The Perfect Pair made me feel so comfortable and at ease as soon as she walked in. She went through my closet and found pieces I had no idea were even there. Together we made piles to keep, resell, or donate. She also helped to arrange outfits already in my wardrobe for a fresh update which was like shopping in my closet for free!"

Fashion Emergency

"I am always on the run and trying to figure out what to wear when going out. I called Kirsten the night before I was leaving for a wedding. She agreed immediately to come over that night and give me fashion tips on what to wear. She also said I could text her a picture of an outfit at any time and ask for her opinion."

Trip of the Year

"I was heading to Prague. I immediately thought of Kirsten and the fashion tips she had given me over the years. I needed clothes that would be for day traveling and then into the night for dinner. She gave me suggestions on clothes, shoes, and accessories that were all within my budget." 

From Orange Theory to the Mall

"I really needed a closet edit, but I did not want to do anything until I got in shape. I decided to buy some new workout clothes as motivation. With the help of Kirsten from The Perfect Pair, I cleaned out my closet and added new pieces. Working out, cleaning out, and updating my wardrobe made me feel great and look great!"

Do Good, Feel Great!

"I needed to clean out my closet, but I had so many nice pieces that I just could not throw away. I remembered Kirsten from The Perfect Pair saying once that I could resell a lot of my nice items to a consignment shop. She advised me on what would sell and what to donate. I felt so great with both options!"

Gift Card

"My husband does not like to shop or if I bring home random items he does not think that he needs. I called Kirsten, and she suggested a gift card from The Perfect Pair. She said it could be used to go through my husband's closet to discover what he has so then he could assess what he needed. Then, she suggested he could also use it for a Pinterest board so he could easily shop online from his mobile phone. He raved how easy this was and loved getting everything he needed delivered right to his doorstep with just one click!"